From 550€ / day

Quicksilver Activ 755 Sundeck (2021)

Feet / Length

ft / 7.23m


8 people

Stay overnight

Quicksilver brand has been updated to make its boats the most demanded models. The Quicksilver 755 is a new boat (2021), with the most complete equipment; it has a large cockpit and a large sundeck in the bow. It is the ideal choice for groups up to 8 people who want to spend an incredible day of boat rental in Ibiza and Formentera at the best price. It has a spacious cabin which allows you to spend the night on board.

Low Season Mid Season High season
550 € / day 590 € / day 640 € / day
  • Skipper: Not included
  • VAT: Not included
  • Fuel: 60 L/h
  • Cabins: 1

Request a boat

1. What crossings can I do with a boat?

This boat is a very easy boat to navigate. With smaller boats you can visit corners and bays of difficult and shallow waters, which is not possible with the rental of a catamaran. Also, if you love water sports, this type of boat is ideal for its speed and maneuverability!

2. What type of license do I have to have to rent a boat?

Depending on your experience and level of qualification, you can rent a boat with or without skipper. We have rental boats without skipper from 4 meters to 10 meters. If you do not want a skipper, you can also opt for a pneumatic rental.

For boats up to 5.99 meters in length, it is enough to have the navigation license.

For larger vessels, you will need the title of cruise ship captain. Remember, not only should you have a degree, experience and knowledge in the field are also important. We always recommend renting a boat with a captain if you don’t have enough experience or knowledge of the area.

The captains will always help you to have a better experience, they know the best places to sail and anchor, what type of wind prevails and what are the best bays to shelter you, which will also help you save fuel.

3. How can I calculate the fuel I will consume?

Depending on the route you take, you have to calculate the time of the route by the hourly consumption of the boat for the value of the Diesel.

We have tables based on which we can indicate the fuel consumed by the kilometers traveled. Once the consumption has been calculated and notified to the client, we will continue to charge the charge.

For other distances you have to check the delay time of the trip.

Anyway the tank comes out full and the difference is calculated when returning to port.

4. What boats can I take without a skipper?

The boats that are on our page where the skipper is charged separately, which are mostly boats up to 8 meters.

5. How much do I have to leave deposit or deposit?

The price of the deposit ranges between € 1000 and € 2000, see it in the file of each boat.