It’s a special moment in your young life when at last you can take a break from your studies and celebrate your graduation in a unique and exclusive environment. Organising a graduation party nowadays means letting its originality shine through. We offer entertainment, a flyboard and saxophoneshow, decoration of the boat, a bar, DJ and everything you need to hold an exclusive party. Celebrate with a lunch or dinner in a setting surrounded by crystal waters. We provide a catering service or private chef

wedding bouquet

Marriage proposal

It’s an important step in anyone’s life; a truly unforgettable moment. We create asetting which combines intimacy with the impressive landscape surrounding us in the Mediterranean Sea, to make the moment special. We offer different artists who play live instrumental music and we can also decorate the boat for this special occasion. We provide a private chef or catering service so you can eat beside the most romantic scenery and turquoise waters. To enjoy the day in the most spectacular way, why not try our diving and snorkelling service to discover the vast underwater landscape.

Birthday muffin with candle on a blue background.

Birthday party

A different and original way to celebrate your birthday party onboard an exclusive boat. A personalised event for every taste, with decoration of the boat, bar service, a DJ or singer with live music. There is also a catering service with the dishes you require, or a private chef. To make the event truly unforgettable we also provide entertainment, special shows, snorkelling, jet-skis, parachutes and water toys.

Group Of Male Friends On Night Out For Bachelor Party In Bar Making Toast Together

Stag/bachelor party

Celebrate your big pre-wedding party on a fabulous boat. We organise shows, a DJ, barman, catering service or private chef so you can enjoy the party in a private setting, while navigating across the Mediterranean. In addition to this we organise fantastic aquatic activities such as snorkelling, jet-skiing, parachuting or water toys. You’ll be able to enjoy the vast underwater landscape as well as admiring them from above thanks to the crystal-clear waters of Ibiza and Formentera.

People having startup business result meeting together

Business events

A world of possibilities, from taking part in relaxing and enjoyable aquatic activities (including snorkelling,jet-skis,parachutes or water toys) to closing a great business deal, holding important meetings or training. The eventsare a creative and innovative way to stand out from the rest, and the relaxing sea setting with its turquoise waters helps make this possible. For lunches and dinners, we offer a private chef or catering service.

Man traveling by historical train


If you would like to advertise a product or service, a company or an activity, where you can present it and promote it with views of the crystal Mediterranean waters, we provide you with a team who will take care of the smallest detail so that every project is unique. We organise professional photographers, models, decoration, entertainment, and many others. To enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner on the day we offer a private chef or catering service.